Monday, February 13, 2017

What My Heart Beats For | No. 2

valentines day

Hello friend! You may recall I introduced a new post series last month titled, "What My Heart Beats For." As it is the month of February & Valentine's Day is tomorrow (!!!), I'm particularly excited to share what I've been loving lately. 

What My Heart Beats For

1. Thrift stores. I recently went thrift shopping downtown with my little sister and good friend  - we came upon SO many nostalgic treasures! That afternoon is easily one of my favorite 2017 memories so far.
2. Sugarfina candies (especially this time of year). 
3. Z: The Beginning Of Everything. I watched every episode of this series on Amazon and was so mesmerized by Zelda Fitzgerald's glamour and strong will. 
4. The Best of Mandy Moore album. There's not much more I can say. 
5. Kisses in the rain. 
6. Moments in life that feel as though they came right out of a movie. 
7. Meeting for coffee. 
8. The feeling of finding the perfect gift for someone.
9. Red lipstick. 
10. Valentine's Day of course! ❤️

valentines day

I would love to hear what your heart has been beating for lately. Wishing you the most magical Valentine's Day!


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