Sunday, January 8, 2017

What My Heart Beats For | No.1

Hello dear friend! Today I'm welcoming the first installment of a new post series titled, "What My Heart Beats For." From cupcake recipes to songs that bring me back to another time and place, these posts will detail, as the title suggests, what my heart beats for.

I couldn't be more thrilled winter is in full-swing and 2017 has arrived. This morning I sat down with a cup of hot chocolate and (snowflake) marshmallows to reflect on recent special moments & inspirations I've experienced.

What My Heart Beats For

1. Moments shared with my little sister, singing 80's boyband music in the car.
2. The box of old things I kept from high school (love letters & embarrassing pictures included).
3. Grey's Anatomy. I'm just starting the 3rd season & am already grieving the loss of characters I know will inevitably be leaving the show via Tumblr spoilers. 
4. Everything glittery. These days, if it's sparkly, chances are I'm  o b s e s s e d  with it. 
5. The excitement of new beginnings: when you know something wonderful is about to happen, but you have no idea what it may be.
6. The Sugar Paper gift wrap collection at Target.
7. Hidden Gems. 
8. Going out to breakfast in the morning (and the moment you convince yourself the chocolate muffin won't be that bad for you). 
9. Open-mindedness.
10. The rewards that often come along with escaping your comfort zone ❤️

What has your heart been beating for lately?



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