Monday, April 18, 2016

Magical Musts For A Day At Disneyland

I'm slightly (and by slightly I mean totally) convinced that Disneyland actually is the most magical place on earth. Growing up in Southern California, I always felt so lucky to be able to visit often. I remember when I was little, we'd spend the entire day at Disneyland, until fireworks lit up the sky and my feet were so tired that my dad had to carry me to the car. Nowadays, I prefer to spend an afternoon at the park, appreciating all it's little details. I had the most magical Sunday afternoon exploring Disneyland, particularly Fantasyland (my favorite ). 
I'm always so mesmerized by the castle. It's the most beautiful grand entrance to Fantasyland - filled with storybook rides, the carousel, and the tea cups! There's a little gift shop inside the castle where you can dress up like a princess and find beautiful souvenirs. I love the pair of pastel sequins Minnie Mouse ears I found there (pictured above :)
a magical day at disneyland
The roses in full bloom made Disneyland that much more magical. After admiring the gardens around the castle, I bumped into Mary Poppins. I'm always so impressed by the characters' ability to truly stay in character. My sister complimented her dress and then Mary complimented us on our Minnie Mouse ears and asked if they help us to hear. She was so lovely and charming - but what I loved even more than talking to her was watching little children interact with her, they were enamored.
A Magical Day At Disneyland
The tea cups have always been a favorite of mine. I always try to get the pink one with hearts on it!
It's A Small World is SO beautiful. It's the perfect ride for a warm day. Every room is so detailed and thoughtful, celebrating different parts of the world.
A Magical Day At Disneyland
After snacking on a dole whip float (a Disneyland must!), I went for a ride on King Arthur's carousel. The Spring breeze was perfect and I felt just the same way I did when I visited Disneyland as a little girl - simply  h a p p y.

Other magical experiences you must have during a visit to Disneyland:
♥ Explore all the shops on Main Street, particularly the candy store & ice cream parlor! 
♥ Go on at least one ride for little kids (Peter Pan is my favorite!)
♥ "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" - I love this little show about Abraham Lincoln, it tells an incredible story and the Abe Lincoln animatronic is SO realistic.
♥ Mint Juleps in New Orleans Square.
♥ Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels, of course.
♥ Make a wish at Snow White's wishing well.

Have you ever been to Disneyland? What are your favorite things to do there?

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